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What are the precautions for using industrial panel PC

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What are the precautions for using industrial panel PC
Latest company news about What are the precautions for using industrial panel PC

What are the precautions for using industrial panel PC


1,Strictly following the procedures when turning on and off the power supply;


2. According to the harshness of the environment, set a deadline to open the head to clean the reflective stripes and inner surface of the touch screen;


3. The current mainstream industrial display program does not have a mouse cursor, because the flashing of the cursor will distract users;


4. After using the industrial panel pc for a period of time, some marks, fingerprints, and oil stains on the industrial display can be wiped with glass cleaner;


5. If the industrial tablet computer is equipped with a complex mode, it needs to sacrifice the response rate and system resources. It is recommended to use an anti-mouse mode that meets the conditions of use;


6. Before using the industrial panel PC , which is necessary to clean the screen of the industrial display regularly, so that the effect will be better. The cleaning method can be used to wipe the screen with a soft dry cloth;


7. When the industrial display is operating, a large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk. Failure to exit the Windows system before power off or shutdown will easily cause storage errors;


8. When water droplets or beverages are splashed on the display screen of an industrial tablet computer, the touch program will be disturbed. Because water droplets and fingers have similar characteristics, so, during operation


Need to wipe off liquids such as water;


9. A small amount of dust will not cause an error response of the industrial display controller, but if too much dust accumulates, it will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen and the screen recognition. Therefore, wipe the screen clean with a dry cloth regularly;


10. The industrial panel pc is a human-machine interface, and the host generates a large amount of heat. Therefore, corresponding cooling measures must be taken for the industrial display touch screen body and the surrounding environment. The control and drive circuits in the industrial panel computer motherboard modules are low-voltage, low-power CMOS circuits, which are easily broken down by static electricity. Once the circuit is broken down by static electricity, the damage cannot be repaired.





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