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sharp rise in LCD panels

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Company News
sharp rise in LCD panels
Latest company news about sharp rise  in LCD panels


Different panel prices have encountered roller coasters since 2020. During epidemic period, panels are in lower prices due to the special situation. 


Some manufacturers also withdraw the panel production lines. After reaching the low point of the year in the June and July , in the past two months, the panel price has gradually recovered and even increased a lot.



Panel supply is tight, but panel makers' shipments decreased in October.

Innolux and AUO pointed out at the same time that lack of materials affected shipments. The panel supply chain is long, and the shortage of components has caused the panel production to encounter bottlenecks.


AUO estimates that the shipments of large-size panels in the fourth quarter will decrease by 1% to 5%, and Innolux also estimates that the shipments of large-size panels will decrease by 5 this quarter. %, demand is not a problem, the key is lack of materials.


In particular, panel makers now have almost no inventory on hand and have to rely entirely on rushing to deliver goods. However, the problem of IC shortages is difficult to solve, and the panel makers are busy calling for materials every day. Panel makers pointed out that IC prices have gradually increased since the third quarter, and will continue to rise in the fourth quarter, with price increases even as high as double digits.


In this special period, the price increase is still continuing.From Nov , our panels face the cost increase problem, also panels are shortage .


Such as 7 inch, 10.1 inch, 15.6 inch, 17.3inch, 18.5 inch, 21.5 inch . Price costs have increased over 50%.


Axnew company would update our stocks and share our information with you every week.


We sincerely remind our customers to do the forecast on your projects in advance, try our best to support customer to produce more advantages, more competitive products come out.






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